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PG Projects Guided 

  • Sunil Chaphalkar (2006-2008)

       Experimental Investigation on the Effect of Soaking Period in Deep Cryogenic Treatment on Tool Life and Wear Resistance for Tool Steel

  • Kishor Deotale (2006-2008)

       Design and Development of Stirling Cycle Cryocooler for 0.5 W at 80 K

  • Mayuri Samudre (2012-2014)

       Experimental Investigation on X1.3 Cummins Engine by Using Helical Heat Exchanger for Heat Recovery  Application

  • Swapnil  D. Gode (2013-2015)

       Analysis of Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger for Air Conditioning Application

  • Priyanka Sabasgi (2013-2015)

       Experimental Investigations of Plate Heat Exchanger with Design, Development and Analysis for Water to Water System

  • Rahul Singh Poonia (2013-2015)

       Investigation of  Natural Convection in Open Cell Aluminium Foam Heat Exchanger

  • Saurabh Dilpak (2014-2016)

       Heat Transfer Analysis of Triple Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger

  • Nikhil Chaugule (2015-2017)

       Design and Development of Heat Pipe for Thermo-Electric Generator (TEG)

  • Krunal R. Meshram (2015-2017)

       Performance Evaluation of Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger at Elevated temperatures for Air Conditioning Application

  • Shriraj D. Gulbhile (2016-2018)

       Experimental Investigation and Theoretical Analysis of Vapour Condenser in Vacuum

  • Swapnil Ambhore (2016-2018)

       Investigations on Rotary Oil Sealed Vacuum Pump for Wet & Dry Processes

  • Vikas E. Shelke (2016-2018)

       Investigation of Heat Transfer and Friction Factor Using Nanofluid and Inserts inside a Tube

  • Rajesh Shaha (2017-2019)

       Analytical Study and Experimental Investigation on State of Art Radiant Oil  Heat Exchanger

  • Roshani Patil (2018-2020) Status Completed 

  • Jaydeep Jadhav (2018-2020) Status Completed 

  • Gaurav Patil (2019-2021) Status Completed 

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